Opero - open work, source of inspiration...

We built Opero to suit
sophisticated professionals
and entrepreneurs looking
for a professional and social
home base in the center
of the capital city.

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A place to work

At Opero you’ll find everything you need – representative and comfortable office space, reception desk, fully equipped meeting rooms, private café, assistant services, parking options, and a range of other services.
For everyday and occasional use, tailored to your needs.

A place to meet

Opero is a place where enterprising people from various professional fields can meet – at work, during meetings, during social events, or simply by chance while having coffee on the terrace. All in close proximity to Prague’s Old Town Square.

A place to be inspired

Opero is a place for sharing information and ideas. We regularly organize lectures, seminars, evening talk shows, and panel discussions on topics that are both current and essential.

Pavel Přikryl

„Opero is a home for enterprising renaissance people. Our main goal is to spark energy, inspiration, and professional and social life. So that we might become an institution that speaks to greater society through our members.“

Pavel Přikryl co-founder of Opero
Luboš Černý

„For working people, Opero is a space where modernity and functionality meet history and elegance, a place where you can work independently yet take part in a society, a place both calm and lively –all according to whatever you need at the moment.“

Luboš Černý co-founder of Opero
Pavel Bouška

„I know many entrepreneurs in Prague and beyond who go wanting for a home base in the city center, one that is distinguished enough for important meetings and comfortable enough for the moments in between. I look forward to meeting them all, as well as other inspiring individuals, here at Opero.“

Pavel Bouška co-founder of Opero

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