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AntiCovid rules in Opero

The situation regarding the spread of coronavirus is getting worse and that is why we must set new measures in Opero so that we do not endanger any of you. Please observe the following rules.


For members

Starting from Monday 22 November, the reception will check you and also external visitors (and your guests) to see if they have one of the following certificates of non-infectivity.

  • Vaccination (certificate application Tečka).
  • Confirmation about suffering from a COVID-19 in the last 180 days (certificate).
  • Negative PCR test result valid for 72 hours.

Antigens are no longer counted as relevant non-infectivity.

Please wear a respirator when moving around. You can work without wearing respirators, but keep your distance.

Community lunches
Community lunches will continue, but without the participation of the Opero team. Our community managers will book a restaurant and introduce you to each other at the reception before leaving.

Networking events
All networking events will be online from now.



Only people with vaccinations or suffered from a COVID-19 with a validity of 180 days can attend the event.

No type of testing (antigenic or PCR) will be recognized for the event.

We follow the current rules and all details and exceptions to the above are listed in this link.


The Opera premises will be regularly ventilated and disinfected.

If you were in Opero 3 days before the first symptoms of COVID-19 broke out, please let us know. Thank you.


This situation is unpleasant for us all, but we believe that we will overcome it together.

Thanks for your cooperation.

Your Opero team

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