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Operitiv 37

guests: Martina Viktorie Kopecká and Adéla Elbel
15/12/2020   19:00 - 21:00
organized by: 
Opero online

Opero online

Veronika Sedláčková and Ondřej Cihlář
150 - 950 CZK, free for Opero members
We invite you to a special Christmas episode of the talk show Operitiv with personalities from the world of business, culture and science. This time will be under the baton of Veronika Sedláčková and Ondřej Cihlář.
In the December episode, we will invite these interesting guests to the stage:
Martina Viktorie Kopecká
Hussite pastor and family therapist, who also writes the popular blog Deník pastářky. She studied theology at the Hussite Theological Faculty. Martina, as a clergyman, dispels previous myths and prejudices about the work of women in the church. Among other things, she believes that today's church should not completely shy away from being on current social networks and platforms. More than ten thousand people follow her on Instagram alone. She also thinks that Jesus would use Facebook today. Regarding her therapeutic practice in an interview with Aktuálně.cz, she said: "A pastor should not judge people's family life too harshly, especially if he has not experienced marriage himself". She admits that she likes good wine, as a child she wanted to be an adventurer and also believes in love at first sight.
Adéla Elbel
Recently, she is known mainly as a stand-up comedian in the show Na stojáka, otherwise also a performer or presenter. She previously formed the women's music duo Čokovoko, where she also participated in the creation of lyrics.
Adéla Elbel studied Dutch language and literature at Masaryk University. In 2014, she translated the first gay fairy tale, which was published in our country. It was published by Meadnr and readers contributed to the Hithit campaign. It is an illustrated book Prince and Prince by Stern Nijland. Now in November, she also published her own book called The Age of Darkness. She writes about problems, failed marriages and divorce. For Český Rozhlas she said: "I am optimistic, it could have taken me down, but I worked out to be satisfied with that. After a long period of unhappiness, I managed to live as I wanted and feel free. I thought that the book could help others who do not have the courage to go for happiness, who say that they will somehow live to see it. "
Tune in to Christmas and once again ask our guests your questions. This time using Sli.do under the headword #Operitiv37. We look forward to seeing you!



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