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My Story with Adéla Karlovská

only in ENG
14/11/2018   18:30 - 20:00
British Chamber of Commerce Czech Republic
We are so glad to announce that Adéla Karlovská will be our next My Story speaker.

Adéla Karlovská

One of my strengths is individualization. During my career working as manager or director and multiple types of personal development studies, I realized, to use individual access, is the best solution in all cases.
I currently work as Accounting and Tax Director, leading 60 people and servicing 270 companies within company group. Beside soft skills studies I am very interested in alternative studies as Constellation work, Feng Shui, NLP methods (neuro-linguistic programming) and Reiki.

I am certificated Lector of following adult education, Coach and NLP therapist. I have also recently gained diploma of Feng Shui consultant and Life integration therapist.
People I worked with said about me, Adéla has a very kind and energetic personality and she can motivate not only her direct co-workers and subordinate employees, but her leadership and enthusiasm reaches far behind her department. She is target and detail oriented, has the core knowledge and great manager skills. She can run her own work and subordinates in very efficient and responsible way with a professional but friendly approach.
This event is intended for mentors, mentees, alumni and all Equilibrium friends & public.
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