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Prague Software Craftmanship

Architecture Katas - pouze v AJ
21/11/2017   19:00 - 22:00
Join us on our first community Architecture kata.

About Architecture kata

Architectural Katas are intended as a small-group (3-5 people) exercise, usually as part of a larger group (4-10 groups are ideal), each of whom is doing a different kata. A Moderator keeps track of time, assigns Katas, and acts as the facilitator for the exercise.

Each group is given a project (in many ways, an RFP--Request For Proposal) that needs development. The project team meets for a while, discovers requirements that aren't in the original proposal by asking questions of the "customer" (the Moderator), discusses technology options that could work, and sketches out a rough vision of what the solution could look like. Then, after they've discussed for a while, the project team must present their solution to the other project teams in the room, and answer challenges (in the form of hard-but-fair questions) from the other project teams. Once that challenge phase is done, the room votes on their results and the next project team take the floor.


• 7:00pm - Meet and greet
• 7:30pm - Architecture kata
• 8:45pm - Review and feedback
• 9:00pm - Networking, snacks and beer

• Non-competitive, collaborative, fun environment
• All skill levels are welcome
• Safe to try new ideas


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